Tasting Notes


Coconut, ripe pineapple, tamarind, sweet cicely, pine and fern.



Complex brightness at first that leads to a funky climax of fresh fruit flavours like pink grapefruit, lime zest and kiwi.

Jamaican and Barbadian pot still rums in the blend gift depth and character with a burst of mangosteen, papaya and banana. The tropical body of this rum is lighten up by gentle, grassy and earthy notes from the Guadeloupean Agricole: lemongrass, lemon thyme, tarragon and white pepper.

At last, the elegant charcoal-filtered aged Trinidadian rum in the blend gives backbone and silkiness together with vanilla and little nutmeg.



Subtle and smooth but very long with persistent notes of freshly cut grass and sugar cane. Hint of banana bread towards the very end.